Broke-Ass Bride

Hollah!!! Did all you sweethearts recover from the day that is red and pink and schmoop all over? Well, settle in because I’ve got one beautiful, sweet, vintage-y wedding for y’all, complete with vows that feature cameos by Klingons and Harry Potter. Also? THEY HAD A FOOD TRUCK. Maybe it’s because I live in Wyoming and don’t get to experience them, but I am utterly fascinated by food trucks, and I really want to just go wander around a city and TRY ‘EM ALL. Vanessa and Brian made good use of their budget and amazingly generous friends and family to throw this beautiful 125-person fete. Also? There’s a mounted ungulate head and a curious kitty. So much awesome! Enjoy, Broke-Asses! 

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Eater LA

After spending time in the well-respected kitchens of Hungry Cat, Joe's, and Water Grill,Timothy Mark Abell decided to bring his take on fine dining to the streets via the Flatiron Truck, which officially launched on March 5. "Restaurant food, street experience" is how Abell likes to describe it. Right now there are only five dishes on the menu, priced between $5-$9: Tuna Collar on Toast; a Pork Burger made from chorizo and ground pork topped with bacon tomato jam and Manchego cheese; The Flatiron or a flatiron steak served with potato hash; a simple Farmer's Market Salad; and Grilled Donut Holes with spiced creme fraiche as dessert.


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Tasting Table

The newly launched Flatiron truck has given L.A.'s somewhat stagnant mobile dining scene a jump start. Chef Timothy Mark Abell is bringing the dominant brick-and-mortar philosophy of farm-to-table to the streets.

Abell shops at farmers' markets two or three times a week, buying produce from such market favorites as Coleman Family Farm and Rutiz Family Farms.

Part of what drives Abell to the markets is his conviction that the fewer hands touching the vegetables, the better the flavor.

The result is an unfussy menu anchored by the truck's namesake steak ($9), served with parsley-thyme-rosemary butter, roasted potatoes and arugula salad. Flatiron also features a burger ($7) made with a potent porcine equation of chorizo, ground pork and bacon-tomato jam. Specials are dictated not only by the season, but also by the neighborhood in which Flatiron will be parked: stuffed piquillo peppers for West Hollywood, or grilled octopus with green-garlic polenta for Glassell Park.

Another testament to Abell's meticulous pursuit of quality: He visited 40 shops before finding his ideal glazed doughnut holes at Panorama City's U.S.A. Donuts & Croissants. Abell chars the doughnuts (pictured; $3) to caramelize the exterior and tempers their sweetness with crème fraîche, accented by his wife Heather's warming mix of molcajete-ground spices.

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